Sunday, January 11, 2015

Caution - Construction Area Ahead !

Valley Vista is coming along !   Pre-foundation work has just about been completed.  Now, if weather would cooperate we might just a slab before the month is out !

GMAC's Happy Place

On the 7th day of our Winter Road Trip, we fulfilled one of GMAC's dreams - Mining for CRYSTALS in Arkansas !   Truth be told, we all had a blast !  Messy, cold, wet...and breathtaking.   Many crystals were found and GMAC found the most beautiful one of them all.
 I will treasure the memories of this day forever ♥

Beauty Multiplied

This post is for my AMAZING and GORGEOUS Sister (in-law) !  She has a heart that matches her skin and I am infinitely blessed that she puts up with my brother  is my family ♥   I love you, Jodi !!
Oh, and do you see that sweet little nugget on her lap...yeah, she's pretty perfect too !

What ?!?!  I told you I wouldn't put it on Facebook ;)  

He gives me what I want . . . Every time ♥♥

Dramatic, I know.  I love it.  I love the shadows, the leading lines, the emotion.  I love him most of all.  Thank you for always being my willing subject, GMAC !

Cousin Time !

We went on a winter road trip to Jackson, MS to visit my twin, sis-in-law, and super fun niece, Kylie.  So fun to see these cousins together !
My heart was so full every time I saw them giggle together ♥

**If you would like to read more about out trip, Matt wrote more HERE !