Sunday, February 22, 2015

His First Red Ryder BB Gun

I'm still not sure exactly how I feel seeing my baby boy with a gun in his hand, but ready or not !   I married into a hunting family so I knew this was a "when", not an "if".    The good thing is that he has the BEST teachers around !

Mama Tried

I get these ideas sometimes.  We were headed Up Home (the ranch that belongs to Matt's family) for the weekend and I wanted to try something creative.  Something stylized with GFC.  I should have known better!

☑  Beautiful Land
☑  Beautiful Light
☑  Beautiful Girl
 Cooperative Subject 

However, even when she is grumpy and her sweet little legs are itchy and she is cold (when she is NEVER cold) she is still my beauty.  And mama knows when to say when.  We will try this again on another trip...with better bribes ;)

Sick Day Entrepreneur

GMAC had Strep (like Mama like Boy) a couple weeks ago and since he had NO symptoms at all he made the best of his time.

I roll up during my lunch break to check on my "sick" boy when before my eyes he had set up shop on the driveway and in the yard... "COM TO THE BRICKSBURG PARTY" the sign says (spelled exactly like that!).  "25 ¢ for 1 ticket" it continues.  Finally, the hours are posted "10-5".   GMAC decided that, on a Tuesday, he would hold a Lego party in which ticketholders can come into the house and view his Lego creations...all 6 of them ;)   The ticket holders then could stay after an play with all of the Legos that he had drug out of carefully displayed onto the driveway.  His plan was a solid one !

He made $5.25 for his efforts that day (thanks in BIG part to generous neighbors and a certain Grandma) and he was so stinkin' proud.  Love this boy more than life.

We've been FRAMED !

We love coming out to the new home site and seeing new stages of the build.  This week : Framing !
Does is look slightly smaller than we imagined ?  Yes, but we were warned ;)   Matt and I can really start to imagine ourselves living here.

I even had to reign Matt in a little today...he was already asking me which pieces of art should go on which wall.  Whoa there Cowboy !  We'll get there baby....