Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy Birthday, Mama !

I ♥ You, Mama !  Happy Birthday to YOU !

Jill Bean

Our Jilly Bean basking in a beautiful pocket of light.  She is a wild beast trapped in a house cat's body.

She loves him...

                  After GMAC and I leave in the morning, it is a habit of Matt and GFC's to play in bed a while before it was time for school.  They play ponies, they tell stories, Matt tickles her.  They are more alike than they know.  She may look like me, but the beauty in her soul comes from him.

Friday, March 13, 2015

It's a WRAP !

Wowsers !  This house is going up FAST !  This week the house was wrapped with Tyvek, siding placed, and roof is ready to be put on tomorrow....

Just because she's wonderful (and the House in front of her will be too !)

                          This girl of mine...what can I say ?  Look hard - her shoes are on the wrong feet, her clothes don't match, and she decided that the gravel road was a good place for a snack.  Well, hey, she has a nice view ;)

Our Night Owl is UP !

GFC has always had trouble falling asleep at night.  She needs perfect conditions - white noise (fan), no pillow, a song to be sung.....and Mommy.  Daddy is nice to play and laugh with, but when it comes to nighty-night time he just can't compare.  This was a night that Daddy wanted to put the kids to sleep and GFC wasn't going for it.   She told me that she would just stay up and read until I was finished with my chores.  It wasn't long until I gave in and put her to bed myself.  These days are fleeting and I don't want to miss these moments !  

Kindergarten Rodeo !

Kinder Rodeo is sort-of a big deal in Austin schools ;)  Each year in Austin Spring Break marks the beginning of Rodeo Time in Austin.  There is a Cowboy Breakfast every year served at a beautiful downtown park followed by lots of other events...  So, the area schools join in the spirit and have a full day of boot stompin' fun !   That being said, I have NEVER been to the Austin Rodeo.  But today, I HAVE been to a Kindergarten Rodeo  and I was accompanied by the most handsome cowboy this side of the Mason-Dixon ! 
 The green vest GMAC is wearing was handmade by my Mom for my brother Tracy when he was a little one !   GMAC was SO, SO proud to wear it today ♥♥